Mainstays Medical Center Vision Statement Paper

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Introduction As the administrator of Mainstay Medical Center, I will create a mission and vision statement for the organization, identify strategic goals and recommend strategies that will be effective in achieving the goals of the organization. In this paper, I will also identify strategies to gain a competitive advantage with other organization while ensuring goals for Mainstays Medical Center to remain successful. Mission and value statements for Mainstays Medical Center Mission statements are the beginning of an organization’s planning and goal setting process. A mission statement should align with the fundamental values of the consumers and the population it serves as well as the beliefs and competitive positions. The mission …show more content…

The vision statement should describe what the hospitals future is. The vision statement should motivate the administrators, physician, nurses, technicians and other hospital staff to take patient care seriously. The vision statement of Mainstays Medical Center is "Compassion, teamwork that is focused on patient care and the improvement of health overall." There are teamwork, communication and effective training involved at Mainstays Medical Center because the patients are our biggest assets. Working together to provide the best care is our …show more content…

It ensures that a given organization makes the proper strategic adjustments to help the organization complete the goals (Ginter, 2013). As the administrator at Mainstays Medical Center, I want to use adaptive strategies that will assist the hospital to obtain the goals that are set. As the administrator, I want to create financial stability within the hospital by reducing unnecessary services, making sure that the patients are receiving the best care and services and generating revenue. As the administrator of Mainstays Medical Center, to use an adaptive strategy, I would want to create a partnership with a local nursing home and adopt new ways to provide health care to citizens in the community and create revenue by having fundraising activities. One way to generate income in the community is to target patients and remind them about their appointments and to pick up medication refills. This will help patients receive the correct medications, teach them how to take their medications and remind them when their appointment is with their physicians through the aid of text

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