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SMART marketing objectives for a hospitality and tourism business:
From the brief meeting, Mr Ramesh summarized the main objectives of the Village Hotel Bugis will coincide with the Group’s mission statement.
(i) To develop an enterprise and operate the businesses by serving with grace and love, integrity and honesty
(ii) To inspire better lives to all stakeholders using the core values of BUILD
(iii) To market VHB is a destination of pleasure and business with its unique characteristics of its locality.

2. Marketing plan development for a hospitality organization:
Marketinng audit ( PEST ):

PEST analysis is a simple widely used tool that helps to analyze the Political, Economic, Social- cultural, Technological changes in the business environment.

Let’s see how The Village Hotel uses PEST analysis to their business. They have two restaurant and executive lounge in their hotel chain. The hotel offer donations for National Kidney Fund.

Through economic factor, business examines the economic issues that are bound to have an impact on the company. They use their advertising for newspaper with target of Malay people. This hotel targets Chinese, Myanmar and Indian people. The VHB has faced the Technological changes as well.


The strengths and the weaknesses of Landmark Village Hotel ( SWOT ):
Business uses SWOT analysis to determine the internal and external factors that directly influence their

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