Essay On Charity Marketing

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1. The relationship between marketing and charity program

The targets of hospitality marketing, which is sell more rooms, and make maximize revenue for the hotel. For the hotels, make charity program in order to establish a good social image, to enhance the social status, it cause to win the favorable impression of people, and have positive impact on customers.

Through the charity program to achieve the goal of revenue, this way is kindly and naturally, easier to be accepted, the commercial of objective not obviously as traditional marketing method, although they have some goal, attract more people to our hotel. Secondly, the charitable activity faces to a wide range of person, and has clear aimed. Such as the Hilton Chicago, they helped …show more content…

Firstly, let consumer relieve our products, the quality assurance is the first important thing, and it is also the basic essential of the brand. Secondly, charity marketing should sincerely, because the charity marketing is not a simple superposition of amount of charity activities, but through the charity activities, we can learn more things, which we cannot learn in normal time. in addition, it should to be popular, because the object of charity marketing is customers, so we have to consider from consumer’s point of view, what they need, and what they want. The target of charity marketing is let customers trust us and believes us. Finally, doing the charity marketing is to win the hearts of customers. Otherwise, the brand will be …show more content…

And another one is to attract attention from society, to raise the awareness, in order to enhance the value of brand. Comparing the objects of charity programs and advertisements, these purposes are the same. Advertising means call attention from people, to tell people something, to spread some kinds of information, and let people to accept some viewpoint. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion: the charity program is more brilliant way of marketing, and this is a kind of invisible

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