Somewhere In America Ethos And Logos

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Everyone who owns a television has seen the “Somewhere in America” commercial at least once, which was published by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This commercial is full of emotions and most people, “Always change the channel because they can’t take it anymore,” (McLachlan). The most depressing parts of this commercial is the pictures because the dogs and cats are all beaten up and suffering from being abused and neglected by their owners. As a matter of fact, they are trying to make the audience feel sympathetic so they can join the ASPCA. The ASPCA tries to encourage audience monetary donation by using ethos by their tone, logos and pathos from the pictures and the statistics. The intended audience for the “Somewhere in America” commercial is primarily old people and pet lovers. The reasons why this commercial is strongly …show more content…

For example, in the commercial it says, “Every hour an animal is beaten or abused.” This fact is pretty straight forward and it gives you that sense of feeling that you could help what’s happening to these animals and eventually put a stop to it. Another fact that is presented is, “For only $18 a month you can rescue an animal and provide it with food and medical needs.” The logos in this commercial contributes a lot because it adds in some heartbreaking facts that it makes people want to help out. But this commercial should have incorporated more logos, such as statistics. The ASPCA foundation could’ve had some information that showed the effect of people donating money. This would have enhanced the possibility of people donating money because they will actually know that they are helping. Also, they will know that their money is not going to waste. Even though the “Somewhere in America” commercial did have logos, it could have been better so that they could catch the audience’s attention and convince them to donate

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