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Answer No. 1 The Portland Drake Beverages (PDB) company, the management will be follow this strategy for launching the advertising campaign for new market as a new product such as “Crescent pure”. There are some steps through the company launched the product.  The first step is to make objective for launching a new product and a detailed budget and make a plan for it.  Review the final product attributes.  Provide training to the marketing management team.  Analyze competitors in that industry.  Identify the target customers  Marketing techniques should de clearly defined  Proper website should be defined  Unique logo and product designed.  Share for expert opinion  Create a social and proactive strategy According to the literature …show more content…

The target customers here in case study sport market, whose are Younger’s and their age are form 18 to 34 years. Development well-dressed packaging The second step involve in marketing is to project your product according to the norms, values and custom of the population because when we project our factors have great influence on the product presentation. Implement a unique slogan: The next step is to create a unique slogan for the target customers. As per you target customers make slogan which shows the customer intensity. Here in the case given they show us the energetic drinks, which mean that create the demand for that product. Recognize your …show more content…

Market size: this factor has great effect of the Crescent pure product according to the market research the market for energy drink is growing 40%, in the year 2010 to 2012, and its revenue forecasted from 2013, is $8.5 billion to $ 13.5 billion in 2018.It’s means gap for the further potential is prevail, in this situation the company should position in such away which is new for the customers. Consumer Perception: this factor also affects the positioning of the product because with the help of this factor firm know the behavior of customers about the product. If we look to the example of Crescent they have low price strategy over the rivalry, some consumer said that this low quality product. Brand reliability is the factors which inspiration the crescent positioning approach, alteration in the brand can result in change of product

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