Case Study Food Desert

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Food Deserts
One additional area where GIS can help social issues could involve understanding high crime neighborhoods and providing supplementary police participations, citizen patrols, and local watch groups. Another area could examine poverty neighborhoods to assist and provide extra health, education, and social services. A third idea could study and track homeless individuals and families to determine optional social services that might offer care and opportunities to recover from their unique situations.

One idea to use GIS in a preventative manner might be to develop a good and low-cost way to provide transportation within neighborhoods such that low-income individuals can use this service to obtain social services offered throughout the city and surrounding cities. In turn, this might open opportunities to provide additional jobs for quality applicants and give individuals a way to commute from their home to work or get a higher education for career enhancements. …show more content…

Grocery stores and local farms can now deliver fresh produce to families in neighborhoods where stores are not available or transportation is not accessible. Also, companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh would be able to deliver fresh and healthy food. Although, one drawback would be cost as this service might be out of reach for certain families, however, government agencies could step in to subsidize the expense knowing a healthy sociality could reduce medical expenditure in the

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