Essay On Eating Habits Of Louisiana

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Better Eating Habits of Louisiana

The south is known for consisting of states that cook the most heartiest meals and extremely unhealthy meals from the way that the main course is prepared to the desserts being filled with lots of sugar. The state of Louisiana is a true southern state because it is known for its culturally driven food, especially in the city of New Orleans. For many years the concept of eating healthy has gotten more popular because it has became a major priority. Many of the causes of death are because of poor diets and not doing exercise activities properly.
The more popular it becomes to be healthier the more the prices of fruits and vegetables rise. No matter where you are in the world the healthy food will usually cost a lot more than the unhealthy food. There is not much of a difference if you are at the grocery store or at a fast food restaurant. Most people are always on the go, moving fast which makes it harder to find time to prepare healthy meals. Having children makes food choices even harder because they are known to be very picky eaters. Being busy cause people to have to spend more money on fast food therefore they are trying to save as much on food as they can after having to buy it daily, so they opt for the dollar …show more content…

They will be informed first and foremost of what they are already doing good and bad. If they can see that something’s that they already incorporated in their everyday life then they will be more acceptable to the change. They will learn how to grocery shop effectively. Which means they will be taught how to buy higher priced healthy foods over the cheaper bad foods without breaking the bank. They will also be taught how to how to cook healthy foods that are kid friendly. This will allow them to be able to cook the healthy foods in a way that they children won’t be too picky and will enjoy eating the healthier

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