Four Levels Of Growth Strategies Essay

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Growth is not a random phenomenon, but a consequence of decisions, including strategic. Companies have some leeway in choosing their strategies. Some strategies are more likely than others to stimulate growth. There are generally two levels of strategy: the strategy group and the competitive strategy. The first level concerns the choice of markets in which the company is active. Group strategy, or "corporate strategy" identifies areas of activities of the company. The definition that we saw in the first part (Strategor, 2000) "This is the group strategy that led the company to engage in a particular sector or to withdraw from such other to form a balanced portfolio of activities. "The objective of this strategy is to promote the group as a whole. We can describe four types of growth strategies associated with different product-market combinations (I.Ansoff, 1957) . The first is market penetration, which is to increase its market share in markets already served with existing products. The second is the development of products, which is to introduce new products on a market …show more content…

A strong and clear communication should be a key point of your strategy at all levels of the organization using several means. For example, you can use internal blogs or electronic bulletin boards, podcasts or even department meetings to communicate what is the strategy and how the work of everyone will be reflected by this strategy. It must be possible to have discussions at all hierarchical levels, reflecting the strategy of the organization to understand conversations and of the same context, which allows to be connected to the work of everyone. To conclude this part, communicating about the strategy provides a connection throughout the organization that helps people to understand the complexity of the strategy

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