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Regal Marine’s Mission The Company’s mission is to get their product lowering costs through marketing strategies with suppliers and with the highest possible quality. Regal Marine is a company where design, technology and business strategy are equally important to achieve its goal, increase sales and gain customer satisfaction. Strengths: 1. The company has position itself in super boat market where it specialized in the luxury performance boats 2. Provide good customer service where customers are contacted, when a boat is purchase and a customer care call even having a boat over a period of time. 3. The constant innovation and patenting so customers can get better product each year, because in the marketing industries parts can be copied …show more content…

Regal’s strategy concerning its products was very transparent. Because differentiation strategy has sustained its competitive advantage from the others, Regal Marine used differentiation strategies to safeguard the high quality of components and adding more appearances. This was very relevant, which organized the basis for the growth of the company. Regal retained the ‘best in classes by offering excellent creations in a way that they have uncommon features and benefits. The company’s strategy was sustained by their operations strategy that drives the boat main manufacturing process .As the business evolved Regal worked industriously to provide quality products at a minimum rate, thus reducing cycling time, improving process and using alternative products. The employees at the organization played a vital role in the achievement and success at Regal. Regal has over 120 dealers in US and they ship to 40 different countries. The dealers that represent Regal’s products in the marketplace was very appetency and competence which helps Regal achieve its …show more content…

It also keeps lower inventory for cost cutback and uses alternative product in the case where products might become unavailable. Regal also partner with huge number of suppliers to safeguard their flexibility Scheduling This activity is important to the process of getting the vessels to the clients/customers. In organizing a schedule, certain things may need to be involved such as determining processing times, due dates, weights and machine breakdowns. The culmination of these activities may be considered as stochastic: which is specific involvement of random variables. In business stochastic systems are involved because their internal environment is affected by their external environment (Jondrow, 1982). Since Regal Marine is all about building boats the scheduling would be stochastic by nature. This would entail receiving the many parts from the multiple suppliers, assembling, testing and delivery. Each process would have a particular time limit calculating the probability of overages (taking more time) or shortages (taking less time) as well as the costs involved in getting the job done. (Cai, Zhou, 2014).

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