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The story behind the largest home improvement retailer all began in early 1978.The Home Depot was established by Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus alongside with a financial specialist investor known as Ken Langone and marketing master Pat Farrah. Marcus and Blank opened their initial two stores on June 22, 1979, in Atlanta, Georgia, which is still the company’s home base. Their vision was to create a chain of home-improvement warehouses that were greater than any other competitors' facilities, filled with different arrays of product. To sell those products, they needed well trained and knowledgeable associates. THD practically revolutionized the do-it-yourself home improvement industry in the United States overnight. In 1981, The THD went public …show more content…

The retail industry is presently turning out to be more interconnected. Now The Home Depot continues to evolve towards leveraging their digital assets to support customers shopping in their stores, and utilizing their stores to support customers shopping through their digital resources. With the next generation FIRST Phone, which is a handheld device that THD employees use to find products for customers easily. It also have capabilities of a computer which can be used to order product for customers, check inventory, scan items, and to call. THD continues to enhance their website and mobile sites for this new programs. THD has started a way for customers to buy products online and get it delivered. The programs that THD started are “Buy Online, Deliver from Store, Buy Online, Pick-up in Store, Buy Online, Ship to Store, and Buy Online, Return in Store.” THD has opened three distribution centers in US to help ship products ordered online to the store faster in the US within two days. THD's procedure keeps on being established in their three-legged stool, which remains for customer service, product authority for home improvement, and disciplined capital …show more content…

THD and Lowes have fundamentally the same products and huge distribution center formats. In many major markets Lowes and THD stores go head to head for the support of the do-it-yourself customer, however THD clearly comes out ahead. THD had $83.2 billion in sales compared to Lowe’s $56.2 billion in sales last year. Other small competitions are Ace hardware, Sherwin-Williams, Menard and small brick and mortar stores.

Mission Statement
"The THD is in the home improvement business and our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices."
THD’s mission statement, is more directed towards its employees, to provide with excellent customer service, with board selection of products, and with the best prices to its customers. Instead of just have a short mission statement, THD has also incorporated eight corporate values that are intended to manage the actions of its employees at all levels:
1. Taking care of our people-Treating people well, give associates the opportunity to grow within the company.
2. Giving back to our communities- Helping the communities any way possible during a disaster time or any volunteer support
3. Doing the right thing- have a good judgement of doing the right things
4. Excellent customer service- Go beyond your limit and give a knowledgeable advice on a project the

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