Developmental Theory In Real Life Essay

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Introduction: In this assignment I will apply development theory to real life scenarios. Dr. Berger an author and professor at the City University of New York states, “A developmental theory is a systematic statement of general principals that provide a framework for understanding how and why people change as they grow older.” Therefore, I will be analyzing and applying real life scenarios to the life of my son Christopher Ramirez and explain how his development is associated with very specific theories or a theorist. This developmental theory will be applied to all four age ranges which are: the first two years (0-2), the play years (2-6), the school years (7-11), and the adolescence years (11-18). In addition, I will apply Biosocial (physical development) cognitive development, and psychosocial development to each age ranges and explain how each section is related to the aforementioned section of development. THE FIRST TWO YEARS Biosocial Development: Christopher was born six pounds, six ounces, and was 18 inches long. He was a very good baby. He hardly ever cried and was always happy. He loved to play, laugh, and was a very attentive baby boy. By the time he was 10 months, he was already walking to my amazement. …show more content…

We loved him very much and it bothered me that he had to be in day care all day, but we had no other alternative, so we made the best out of it. I made sure to let him know that I love him, and being consistent, dropping him off at 8 am and picking him up at 5 pm. It was the interpretation of those experiences that he must have had great experiences at the day care too. I also remember that the young ladies who worked there also showed a lot of care for the infants and kept them very busy with different

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