Aldi's Marketing Strategy: Marketing Strategies

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1. Market Penetration requires increasing the existing product sales in the existing market. The main strategic objective is to obtain more market shares or get the position of market leader. As an example: Aldi followed the market penetration strategy by opening thousands of stores across UK offering the same products.
2. Product Development means to increase sales by improving or introducing a product which fulfils the demands of the market. For example: Coca Cola introduced Coke Zero, Coke Diet, to target the health conscious customers.
3. Market Development focuses on increasing the sales for an existent product by introducing it into new markets. This strategy is often used by the companies which plan to expand globally, by adding new characteristics to the existing products, according to the consumer’s needs. Big companies like Addidas and Nike followed the market development strategy to expand internationally by offering the same product.
4. Diversifying strategy focus on the development of the business by introducing new products to the new markets. This strategy can offer the firm the advantage to use emergent or distinctive competencies. An example of the diversification strategy is Virgin brand by Richard Branson. This brand began as a music record company and now it is diversified into various fields such as
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Ansoff himself came to recognize that a mentioned the now famous phrase "paralysis by analysis". Ansoff also introduced the concept of synergy which means that by bringing together the right components and integrating them effectively, the final result is more valuable than the sum of its parts – ‘2 + 2 = 5’. He also developed gap analysis to elucidate the gap between the reality and the goals by proposing “gap reducing actions”. This idea is about determining where you want to get to, understanding where you are, and then identifying what it will take to bridge the gap. (Clayton,

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