Developing Security Policies, Standards, And Reasoning Paper

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CIS 333 Assignment 1 Prof. Yamaguchi Donavan Mansfield Strayer University 13 May 2018 To: ABC Inc. From: IT Security Officer CC: Company’s Manager Date: 05/13/2018 RE: Developing Security Policies, Standards, and Practices of the Company Business Environment, Risk, and Reasoning A business environment is defined as the internal and external factors that affect the way in which an organization operates. These factors include management, customers, employees, business regulations, supply, and demand. However, the term ‘business environment' indicates the external institutions, factors and forces are cannot be controlled by business, and they influence how a business enterprise functions. Such factors include the competitors, customers, government, suppliers and the social, legal, political and technological factors (Peltier, 2016). Both the internal and external influences affect business in either a negative or a positive way. Therefore, to control the factors affecting business, a security policy has to be created to control risks that may face an organization such as theft of the company’s products and services. In every organization, there is need of having a security policy has they help in playing various roles. One of the reasons behind the creation of a security policy in an …show more content…

All locks electronic access cards, keys, and access codes are parts of the Mall's Company and will be issued to every employee depending on their needs to access various areas. Each company’s facility will be locked at all times in a day with exception of when the employees are passing through the facility. No person is supposed to give their key to any another person without permission from the security officer or any other relevant person (Coffee & Henderson, 2015). All electronic cards and keys must be taken back to the company upon termination of an

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