Sociological Autobiography Examples

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From the moment of my birth, I was declared a girl and my parents immediately attempted to raise me to be every aspect of my gender, from behavior to beliefs. In sociology, this is known as gender role socialization, which is the process of socializing boys and girls to conform to their assigned genders’ attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, values, and norms. My parents taught me how think and behave like a girl through the way the way they dressed me, how they did my hair, and the toys they allowed me to play with. However, having been raised with a brother, I also picked up on some of his supposed gender roles. I am exactly who I am due to the way I was socialized by my parents and others around me. From the very beginning of my existence, my mom slapped a huge pink bow on my hairless baby head to announce to the world that I was a girl. She mainly dressed me in white, pastel pink, and yellow dresses, with the same pink bow. As I grew a bit older, my hair grew longer. That, for some unknown reason, encouraged my dad to slick my golden curly hair back …show more content…

There are feminine stereotypes, such as having a slim waist and being ladylike, that makes me self conscious of my pudge and burping in public. However, there are those that I partake in because I like to, not because society demands it, like wearing makeup and dresses every now and then. Due to the positive role models I’ve had growing up, I learned that I don’t need to conform to traditional gender roles and I don’t expect others too. Girls and boys should be given equal opportunities and arbitrary activities shouldn’t be assigned to a specific gender. If a boy wants to wear makeup, he should be free to do so without judgement, and if a girl wants to play football, she should be able to do so as well. It’s their life so I don’t have the right dictate what gender they choose to conform to, especially if I haven’t fully conformed to

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