Antebellum Era Dbq

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One of the most significant eras in the United State's history was the Antebellum Era due to technological, religious, and social advancements. Despite many improvements, the Antebellum Era was a period where slavery was commonly and typically practiced. Throughout the seventeenth century, European settlers replaced indentured servants with enslaved Africans, who were considered affordable and cheap compared to indentured servants. Due to the expansion of slavery, many people who strongly opposed slavery, abolitionists, started many movements to put a stop to slavery. These movements resulted in a polarization between abolitionists and antiabolitionists. During this era, slavery gradually expanded, and many were forced to work in extreme …show more content…

Due to their different political views and beliefs, many clashes and disagreements would occur. Southern enslavers believed that slavery was rightly justified since they had been providing them with food and housing. However, to many Northerners, slavery was seen as a "sin," and they believed it was unfair to force someone into slavery because of their origins. Tensions grew so high that they only tried to settle disagreements by fighting and involving violence. As a result, many abolitionists started lots of revolts and movements. One of the most famous abolitionists, John Brown, led his followers to seize the largest federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia in hopes of causing a vast slave uprising. Despite being executed for his actions, many abolitionists decided to follow in his footsteps and started to engage in violent, aggressive measures to ensure the end of slavery. In addition to John Brown, Fredrick Douglas was a former enslaved person who quickly became a notable abolitionist. Fredrick was involved in many abolitionist movements and usually led many of them. His main goal was ensuring freedom, and emancipation was part of the war's primary outcomes. Moreover, he was involved in the Dred Scott court case. During the Dred Scott Decision, the Supreme Court denied African Americans citizenship in America regardless of whether they were free or …show more content…

At the time, there was a social division between different types of slaves. "There are three distinct classes of slaves in the South." (The Different Classes of Slave Society). The three classes consisted of domestic, skilled, and field enslaved people. Domestic slaves served their "owner" and performed various household tasks. Most of them were very intelligent since they could read and write. "These slaves soon learn the language and readily adopt the manners of the family to which they are attached." (The Different Classes of Slave Society). Next were the "skilled" slaves who were trained in manual labor. Skilled slaves included mechanics, washwomen, and laborers. Since many were carpenters and mechanics, they were permitted to work in town. However, the money that they made had to be paid back to their owner. Lastly, the lowest group were known as the field slaves. Field slaves were the ones who worked in plantation fields. They worked on producing cash crops such as cotton, sugar, and tobacco. They worked in horrible conditions and were looked down upon by almost everyone. "They are not only regarded as such by the whites but by the two other classes [of slaves] who consider them infinitely beneath themselves." (The Different Classes of Slave

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