Atlantic Lumber Trader Essay

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The given case study of Atlantic Lumber Traders was elaborated in Saint John, New Brunswick, Edward and Gail Hall, two siblings, founded Atlantic Lumber Traders (ALT). The Hall family had a long history in the timber and lumber industry and enjoyed significant influence in the New Brunswick market. The four Atlantic provinces accounted for over 80% of ALT's lumber sales, followed by Quebec and Ontario at 19% and the United States at 1%. Before starting ALT, Edward, and Gail both practiced law, and they decided to continue doing so after starting ALT. The third stakeholder in ALT, David Lawson, was primarily in charge of the management and operations of the business until 1988. In 1987 and 1988 the company had gone a loss which resulted in Lawson …show more content…

The suggested recommendation of action of the plan improves the company’s success by keeping the cost down and managing operations well because the main focus of the ALT was the reduction of cost and control of payroll, bad debts, interest, and inventory management(Roberts & Hendry, 1991). This article by Atlantic Lumber Traders is very crucial in a business case study because it elaborated how poor the management choice has been made, lack of responsibility can reduce the financial performance of the company which will affect the viability(Roberts & Hendry, 1991), it also provides more leads and information to the readers as the basic ways of learning through case studies((47) 5 Key Benefits of Case Studies in Business | LinkedIn, n.d.), also it could help in understanding the benefits of reducing the cost in the business and risk mitigation(9 Key Benefits of Business Financial Planning,

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