Examples Of Manipulation In Animal Farm

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The pigs’ manipulation in the farm is abused, and becomes problematic for the animals. In the novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell the pigs manipulate the rest of the farm through lies, greed and disloyalty. The pigs become dependent on their lies and let them manipulate the truth to hide it from the animals. Their greed demonstrates how careless they are becoming for the others in the farm. They control and reduce rations for the animals until they are left malnourished or simply unfed. Finally these traits bring us to their disloyalty, they forgo almost all origins and traditions of the farm leaving it worse then Jones did. The pigs' manipulation over the other animals is leading to corruption in the farm, demonstrated by the lies, greed …show more content…

Squealer threatens the animals by consistently manipulating the truth. He tells the animals whatever he has to in order to get his way. For Squealer to get the animals to do as he says, he lies to them. Orwell states, ‘“Surely, comrades, you do not want Jones back?”’ (Orwell 17 PDF). Jones was never coming back, Squealer is lying to the animals to scare them so they are tricked into doing what he says. His lies to the animals for the benefit of the pigs demonstrates the control and power he holds over the animals, which is against what the animals stand for given that the commandment that states all animals are equal. Once again demonstrated by Squealer, the pigs' will to lie is second nature. They exploit the animals into thinking everything they used to know was not true. The pigs want the animals to turn their backs against anyone who is not them. Squealer announces ‘“Do you know what the real reason was? Snowball was in league with Jones from the very start!”’ (Orwell 24 PDF). He once again, brings untrue statements to the animals for the benefit of the pigs. He wants them to go against Snowball's previous teachings and follow Napoleon and his lies. The pigs demonstrate their manipulation through various ways but lying was proven to be one of their most frequently used techniques to exploit the

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