How Does George Orwell Use Propaganda In Animal Farm

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In the book Animal Farm, George Orwell’s character Napoleon is a sly and very intelligent animal. Napoleon uses many techniques to stay in charge and gain the animals trust such as fear, propaganda and revisionist history. Fear is used as a motivating factor. Propaganda, such as, scapegoat and followers are used. Napoleon revises history and the commandments because he cannot have laws that overrule his ultimate power as a dictator and to show that he is a hero. Napoleon uses many types of propaganda to gain control of the farm and stay in control like using Snowball as a scapegoat. He blames the bad things that happened on animal farm on Snowball. He can do this because Snowball is nowhere to be found so he cannot deny or confirm any truth of what is said. The sheep would have to be in the follower portion of…show more content…
He uses fear to persuade the animals to do what he wants. “Surely comrades, there is no one among you who wants to see Jones comeback?” (Orwell 36). Although Squealer says this, Napoleon is the one behind the words. Squealer used Jones as a way to scare. Jones was a human and if he came back all the animals would be tortured again. The pigs, in general, “did” all the hard work on the farm like protecting it and the other animals. They used Jones as an excuse , like the apples and milk,. To fulfill their duties they need to eat and if they didn’t fulfill their duties Jones would come back. The animals didn’t want that to happen so they gave up to food to the pigs and kept working hard to harvest. Napoleon also has help from the dogs. “...the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep, menacing growls, and the pigs fell silent and sat down again,” (Orwell 52). Napoleon uses the dogs to get the animals to follow the rules. He gives them two choices, follow the rules or pay the price which is death. Most occasions though, he forces them to confess even if they didn’t do it. This ends
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