The Marrow Thieves Survival Quotes

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Izaiha Espericueta Cunningham English 1-2-Period 6 23 April 2023 The Marrow Thieves The theme of the The Marrow Thieves, survival comes at a cost, is best demonstrated by characterization. This can be explained numerous times throughout the story where some cases are that the main protagonist, Frenchie, experiences losses within the story, first being his loss of his brother, the loss of RiRi, and eventually the loss of Minerva. The loss of Minerva is the best example as the way the characters feels is demonstrated best by the quote, “Sometimes you risk everything for a life worth living, even if you’re not the one that’ll be alive to see it” (Dimaline 152). This quote shows that survival is something not all can achieve, and it is the choices …show more content…

Frenchie believed that Mitch had sacrificed himself for him so he had to keep going, “Mitch had sacrificed himself so I could live, so I had to live. It was the only thing left I could do for him” (Dimaline 7). Additionally, the loss of his brother gave Frenchie the motivation to survive, and it is with that choice that he found Miigwans and the group he would soon call his family. This is not the only example as the loss of Minerva made the group go back to Ontario which eventually led to Frenchie finding his …show more content…

Furthermore, towards the middle of the story the group comes across a fence in which a conversation takes place if the fence is electrified, Miigwans is about to put his hand on the fence to touch it but Frenchie beats him to it saying that Miigwans life is much more valuable than his, Frenchie was ready to sacrifice himself to keep his family safe. Fortunately, the fence was not electrified but that did not stop the conversation between Miigwans and Frenchie where Miigwans states that no life is more valuable than others. Lastly, the sacrifice of Minevra is what impacted the characters the most as they all made the decision to go back for her. Frenchie, in particular, realizes the change that she had on him and states it in this quote,” Something has changed. Whether it was this second huge loss or the life I had taken with all the speed of vengeance back at the cliff, and I was not sure what I meant to do until I said it out loud. I am going after Minerva” (Dimaline

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