Explain The Importance To Children's Holistic Development

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Explain the importance to children’s holistic development of Speech, language and communication This development is important for children’s holistic development as this will help the children to socialise and help them express what they like and need, this will get them to have more sense about the world. If the child can communicate this will help them with their confident and self-esteem levels as they can talk about how they feel.it is important for children to use their own language skills and not to listen to other all the time and this could put their development back. Adults should praise children a lot so they have the encouragement try new things but it is important you adults to give them feedback so that they can learn from right and wrong. If some …show more content…

If the child is getting encouraged and praised by their careers as they learn then with can build up their self-esteem and confidence as if they didn’t then this could make the children have insecurities about their own abilities to do things and would have a need of people reassuring them, this could lead up to them having Lack of motivation and having a poor self-esteem about doing new things. When growing up children will look for role models this could be their carer. If their carer had poor social and communications skills then this could have an effect on the child as they would reflect form them and wouldn’t know any difference, so this would affect their development. Children that have limited opportunities to develop their communication skills could have poor behaviour and attention span. It varies for a children’s expectation as if they had past experiences as if they had parents that had poor experiences in the education system then this may think that the child if the same and make them have low expectations on

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