Culture Reflection Paper

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The concept of culture is by far one of the most extensively researched, studied, and contemplated aspects of human beings and the world in which we live. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to establish one universal definition of the word since its very meaning is defined by our personal experiences and the environments in which we live. This being said, my view or definition of culture is naturally influenced by what I know and encounter each day. There are a series of “key words” that come to mind when I think about culture: patterns, behavior, traits, symbols, values, knowledge, similarities, models, interaction, and perspectives (to name a few). If I sum up these words, I could say that my own definition of culture is all aspects of human behavior and interaction that make us unique. This behavior is learned and then expressed repeatedly, giving the individual or individuals what may be viewed as distinct characteristics. Culture in its essence is how we identify ourselves and perceive those around us. Some may argue that the only culture we truly understand is our own. While this may be true in many ways, I am optimistic that through extensive experience and analysis of different cultures, we can gain a considerable knowledge of these cultures and even begin to adopt them or certain characteristics of them as our own. I personally identify myself with a variety of cultures. Growing up in Southwestern Colorado about 20 miles from the New Mexican

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