Progressive Era Dbq

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The Progressive Era occurred during the 1890s to the 1920s, during this time there was an urge to create a better social and political life for Americans. 15 million immigrants traveling from all different parts of the world arrived here in the United States ( President Theodore Roosevelt was in office for the majority of this era (1901-1909) . Although there was plenty of progress in the way Americans lived they still faced issues such as overpopulation, slow innovation, women's suffrage, economic reform, poverty, and conservatism. These issues came with overcrowding, inadequate water facilities, disease, political corruption, labor rights,voting rights.( The life of American citizens …show more content…

During The Progressive Era there was a group called the ¨Progressives¨, the progressives generally advocated wage equity and labor rights, economic justice and social justice ( This group of Americans helped the living conditions for new immigrants (document 1). Progressives organized settlement houses in urban areas to provide help for immigrants and the urban poor. Theodore Roosevelt also helped living conditions by increasing urbanization for less overpopulation in the cities ( He also made sure the quality of supplies were good for immigrants after passing the pure food and drug act in 1906 (, which prevented harmful food or drugs from being put out onto the market. Progressives also demanded that states pass anti-trust laws to make monopolies illegal. They wanted prices to be reduced and regulated (document 3). After this was expressed to congress as a huge issue they finally passed the Sherman Anti-trust Act in 1890 ( the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920, this allowed women to have the right to vote for the first time in American history,(document 5) credit were given to early suffragette leaders who helped bring attention to this issue and organize the first woman's rights convention in the United States in 1848( In document 6 the idea of doing things in a correct manner by Theodore Roosevelt wasn't possible with all of their political, economic and social issues occurring in the United states. After Theodore gained control he had situations in a good position so he continued to focus on that. He believed in not killing the bad but reinforcing it into good (, he took action against

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