Reflection On Teaching Practice

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Introduction: This essay will tell the experience, knowledge and feedback from the teaching practices. I will explain the process that I went through, and what I did to have a chance to improve my teaching. What is a good teacher? Teaching is a one of the most complicated jobs nowadays. It demands enthusiasm, knowledge a caring attitude and many other thing that comes with this profession. I think a good teacher is a person that is able to explain and teach any topic, subject or language. It is capable of identify needs and problems that students might have or experience during the learning process. Definitely is a person capable of understand the other position or other students’ position, Techers need to be patient and neutral for some situations in order to keep the teaching process. It is a person who dedicates time for other people and is happy doing it. For me to become a great teacher, I need to have cleared my aims or objectives, have effective lesson plans, needs analysis from my students and be able to continue learning and keep updated. I need to be organized. Strengths and Weaknesses During my first teaching practice, I was so worried about the time and about if students asked something that I did not to answer. Definitely something this is a big weakness, but we as teachers experienced this situation and I understand that is not wrong to don’t know something at the moment. This is a way to think in a good solution and give to students a helpful response, not

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