Essay On Qualities Of A Good Teacher

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A teacher is a person who delivers an educational program, assesses student participation in an educational program, and administers or provides consistent and substantial leadership to an educational program. Teachers have the very important responsibility of shaping our generation to become someone one days. A teacher is also an agent for the realization of national educational philosophy which to produce individuals who are balanced in terms of physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social. Recently, we 've got good news that teacher Yamin was selected among 50 top teachers around the world. The Chemistry teacher at SMK La Salle Petaling Jaya is the sole Malaysian among 50 teachers worldwide to be nominated for the prestigious Varkey GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Prize, which carries a prize money of US$1mil (RM3.59mil). According to her, a good teacher should not only be well versed in the subject and effective in imparting knowledge, students.but must also always be there for the students. …show more content…

we want to produce more teachers like Yasmin in the future. First, a good teacher should have a passion for teaching. true, there are many ways in which these qualities can manifest itself. however, a teacher should be aware that our movements will be closely watched not only by students but also considered by the whole. Passion for teaching not only provides the tools we teach the great. passion for teaching as such, with easy to know when a teacher is very interested in teaching or not. There are some teachers who teach just for the money. There are also those who teach sincerely from their hearts. This is reflected in the movie Tacher 's Diary. Ann and Song is a very enthusiastic teacher in teaching their students. they are willing to be placed in schools that have no facilities on the boat while their colleagues teaching school facilities were

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