The Importance Of Coaching

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No one can deny that stress can be caused by many reasons. For instance, you may not like your job, money matters, quarrel with your boy or girl friend, stress is something that you cannot avoid. Generally, stress attacks when you start thinking that you are the victim of circumstances or most importantly when you feel that a situation, things, or work will not be solved by you, that’s when you place yourself under stress. However, fortunately stress has a solution within the world and their easy ways to reduce stress in your life. For example, organize your days better so nothing is left to the last minute. If stress is beginning to make an inroad into your life seek counseling. This can help sort deep-rooted problems, unrealistic aspirations, …show more content…

Through coaching, one can overcome some obstacles he may face in life as he builds on his talent. One is also able to convert ideas into reality during the process of coaching. Through coaching, one can prioritize on what is important to him and achieve it fast and the rest later. The role of the coach is to nurture that talent and make sure that it grows further. A coach is an educator and administrator who must apply their teaching skills, wisdom and leadership skills. The coach has a big role to play here in preparing the athletes physically, mentally and socially through team talks, physical exercise sessions and different ways of boosting the confidence and motivation of players. The coach is not just a sports trainer but also a manager and teacher must assist the upcoming young athletes to discover their talents and improve on their own personal skills. Many coaches on every level may have more then one job for example a lot of them are teachers or professors as well. So, they have prepared for teaching the students that doesn’t play sports as well as for the ones that does. So, they may find themselves preparing lesson plans for both jobs. Experience and personal interest in the profession, speeds up the development rate more rapid and precise. A teacher must be goal oriented, loyal and faithful. He must not use this profession to make money because this profession takes the responsibility of many children, who are the future of the country and world. The stress on the teachers must be lessened and they must be provided with appropriate time to systematize their work. Teachers must not be accused for the bad performance of any student as it may be a fault of student’s family or some health problem. Teachers are an important part of our society and they are revered for their hard work and loyalty. Effective classroom teachers must observe the fundamental

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