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The 1986 movie Top Gun, directed by renowned director Tony Scott, is a movie made particularly memorable due to its outstanding cast, amazing visuals, and action-based storyline. The movie stars acclaimed actor Tom Cruise, who plays the role of wildcard pilot Maverick, and Kelly McGillis who plays the role of Maverick 's instructor and love interest Charlie. The film centres on happy-go-lucky pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise) as he attempts to acquire the highly coveted "Top Gun" award at a US Navy fighter pilot school in California with his best friend and co-pilot Goose (Anthony Edwards). Moreover, Maverick begins to form a romantic relationship with his instructor Charlie ( Kelly McGillis). Maverick 's struggle to become the best builds up to …show more content…

The editing used in this scene is very effective in adding pressure to the scene. Quick cutting between scenes emphasises the fast pace of the action whilst back and forth cuts from the control room to are used to heighten tension. Additionally, clever editing is used to mask the fact that the same plane is shot down several times by showing the footage from different angles. The soundtrack for this scene consists of fast-paced action music to further raise tension. However, no loud music is used to preserve the reality of the scene. The music cuts in at the end to signal the victory of the pilots and Maverick, the hero. There are many examples of mise en scene used in this scene one of which being Goose 's dog tags. In this Goose 's dog tags play an important role for Maverick especially since his best friend has recently passed away. Initially, at the start of the film, the dog tags are used as Maverick 's talisman. The quote "talk to me goose" said by Maverick whilst in flight shows that even in death Maverick relies on Goose for strength and advice. However, at the end of the scene, Maverick throws the dog tags into the water to symbolise his emotional release and him moving on. Another example of mise en scene in this scene is the spilt coffee which acts as comic relief after a tense

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