Analysis Of Hitchcock Etudes By Nicole Lize

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Hitchcock Etudes were composed by Nicole Lizée in 2014, and released on her album Bookburners. With a combination of disjointed soundtrack music and dialog with similarly altered video segments, Lizée reconstructs a whole new experience of the Hitchcock films. Watching Lizée’s composition I really appreciated and enjoyed the way she deconstructed and recreated the works. As a Hitchcock fan I really enjoyed the new sense of terror and romance she brought to the piece. I believe this piece qualifies as fringe because of Lizée’s unique method of composition. Not only is she focusing on creating music, she is also tearing apart already written music and film sequences, recontextualizing them to form new images, sounds, and an overall experience. Her style isn’t commonly heard, especially as casual listening music. …show more content…

Without giving her any background information on the Hitchcock Etudes, I told her that I wanted her to listen to this song. I presented her with the video in a public and busy atmosphere, then after listening asked her what she thought. Overall, she enjoyed the piece. She felt that Lizeé expanded on the terror that Hitchcock created by using his intense cuts and repetition in audio and video. In her words, “These changes in the once familiar create a tension and anxiety in the piece. It makes the overall work more dark and robust.” Avery said that the variety and doctoring of the sounds made her feel disassociated from her surroundings and engaged in the new occurrences within the video. There is not one specific fear or theme to focus on, but rather a

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