Jaws Musical Score

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The Importance of Musical Scores Musical scores are not only an integral part of the audiences’ experience, but also can be beautiful musical compositions as well. Whether through a musical score or a soundtrack, music has the ability to add to the storyline as well as the overall feel of the movie. The music is what helps the filmmaker portray emotions, set a scene or time period, or signal a change is coming. Often, composers work alongside the directors and filmmakers to produce a musical score that will be congruent with the movie’s theme. Music can sometimes stir an emotion or memory, and remind the audience of a past experience. Many composers have been recognized, and received an Academy Award or Grammy for their original movie …show more content…

Without music, scenes from movies such as Jaws, E.T., Star Wars, Schindler’s List and many more, would not have the same effect on the audience. In the movie Jaws, the shark was introduced not only visually, but also musically. The camera would pan the water and the “shark music” would forewarn the audience of the impending encounter. That tune has been recognized many of times throughout the years in neighborhood pools, lakes and oceans, to strike fear in a swimmer without a word being spoken. Music can raise spirits, and have the audience cheering on the main characters as with “The Flying Theme” from E.T., which had the audience pedaling faster in hopes of helping Elliot and E.T to soar through the night sky. The good vs. evil battle scenes throughout Star Wars had the audience choosing sides. Where they rooting for the Empire? Were they cheering for Luke and the Republic? With the musical scores playing in their heads, many children have reenacted the battle scenes with their makeshift lightsabers in hand. Music does not always signal action or happiness, the melancholy music coupled with the horrific scenes throughout Schindler’s List, give rise to stronger emotions from the audience. Fostering empathy, as though the audience can feel the pain and anguish of the prisoners. Without the accompanying music, …show more content…

They have both received Oscars and Grammys for their compositions. An Oscar is given to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry, including directors, actors, writers, composers and many more. A Grammy is given to award professionals in the music industry for achievement in their given genre. For these men to have been recognized by both of these industries for their outstanding accomplishments, go to show that musical scores are not only background music in movies, but also a fundamental part of the movie experience. There may not be music playing as a background in everyday life, as argued by the critics of musical scores, but without it, movies would not be as thought provoking or entertaining. It is a huge undertaking to compose and produce the writers’ and directors’ thoughts and feelings into music, but it can be masterfully done. Music that truly enables the audience to feel what the characters are feeling, and stirs some sort of emotion, is an invaluable aspect of the moviegoers’ experience. If a musical score is done well, it has the ability to leave a lasting impression long after the screen has gone

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