Clockwork Orange Music Analysis

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A Clockwork Orange Over the past two weeks we saw, for one more time, that Kubrick has a very distinct and tremendous understanding when it comes to using classical music. For “A Clockwork Orange” the writer of the novel, Anthony Burgess, has some kind of obsession and own taste about classical music, when these two understanding combines we get a unique synthesis, it is mostly Kubrick’s, though. In the following part of this paper, the use of music will be examined in order of the course of events in the movie: Before the first scene, a very mysterious, kind of sad and ominous but hopeful music welcomes us along with a bright red image. It has a very different sound, like it is out of our world. Before we see any of the scenes it is making us curious about what will happen. The only thing we know it is going to be something weird, the music is signalling that we will see bad things. Then the music takes us to the scene, as the details unveils slowly, allowing us to focus on what we are seeing, we get more and more full of question marks. Before Alex started to speak, we see Korova Milk Bar furnished with furniture shaped naked kind of erotically placed woman statues. At the end of the first scene we are introduced to the characters and place but still we are left in the dark by the odd language of the narrator, the place which does not look familiar even slightly, and the music that is very futuristic and uncanny. We experience a combination of image and sound, disturbing

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