How Did The Wright Brothers Impact Society

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“The airplane stays up because it doesn 't have time to fall” Wilbur Wright said this quote because he never gave up on inventing the first plane. Through his and orville’s trial and error they created and flew the first plane in mankind. Through their creation they changed the mode of transportation forever. The airplane now travels people, animals and luggage in a very short amount of time. The Wright Brothers didn 't just affect america but the whole world! The Wright Brothers Impacted society by Creating the First plane, Introducing a new mode of transportation to mankind, and changed the way aerodynamics works. The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur wright were 2 out of the 4 surviving wright siblings. Wilbur was born in 1867 in Indiana, …show more content…

Think about it people could never go home for the holidays in time! After the Wright Brothers impact, Starting 1909 people began relying on planes for transportation. Why did it take 6 years for planes to become popular? It took 6 years because many accidents happened with planes. This caused people to be timid of riding planes. Slowly after the 1900’s different types of planes were being made and they had certain purposes. Big sturdy planes carried a lot of cargo, long thin planes carried passengers. Now almost everybody has rode a plane, it is really an amazing mode of transportation! The Wright Brothers changed the way aerodynamics works by, teaching thousands of pilots how to maneuver a plane. They taught the people how to build the wings of the plane resistants to the high wind currents. They taught how they used air to travel extremely fast and they taught how to make the extremely technical design of a plane. Aerodynamics is having a shape that reduces the drag from moving air. Before the Wright Brothers all aerodynamics were gliders. People like Otto Lilienthal and George Cayley. The Wright Brothers really changed the course of aerodynamics and it wouldn 't be the the same without

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