Social Changes In Western Civilization Essay

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Throughout the history of western civilization there have been a vast number of changes that have occurred and wars that have formed civilization today. There have been economic changes, relating to the development of the economy and the financial state of society. There have been political changes, dealing with shifts in government and power. There have been social changes, affecting the organization of society and the interpersonal and international relations. All of these events have influenced society and molded it into what it is today. By looking at three significant events, the Industrial Revolution, The French Revolution, and the Holocaust, the fact that they are the most important economic, political, and social changes in western civilization since 1689 until now will become evident. The most important economic change in western civilization since 1689 was the Industrial Revolution. It was crucial in the progression of the economy and contributed greatly to the development of the financial state of society. The Industrial Revolution allowed the economy to take a great leap forward in relation to efficiency and production in the mid-1700s. Some of the innovations that occurred during this time were things like the invention of the flying shuttle and the spinning jenny. James Watt took Thomas Newcomen’s …show more content…

The Industrial Revolution led to extreme advancements in the economic aspect of society. The French Revolution set the ground work for changing the way society was governed. The Holocaust was detrimentally influential in the way countries all over the world relate to one another today. While there are many events that are influential in making society what it is today, these are three of the most vital in the progression of western civilization since

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