Matilda Nordtvelt's Message The Mountain

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This is a story about a boy who moves to a new town, and is getting used to the environment. He had to overcome the burden of peer pressure, and he was in much need of God’s salvation even though he was from a Christian family. The title of this book is Message of the Mountain. The author of the book is Matilda Nordtvelt; the book is a Christian fiction. The book has 135 pages, and the setting is Bellingham, Washington. John is a boy who had to move to a new town and is going to go to a new four-story school even though his sisters did not want to. When John and his family moved to town a few changes were made to their lives such as: They could not yet afford a car, and John and his sisters Hilda and Lois had to go to a new school that was bigger than their old school. At the school John had met Marvin; a sixth grader who invited him to the old railroad tracks to meet …show more content…

When they went to church Happy Hank taught about how God can change your life, and that made John and Lois tell mama and papa what they did. Meanwhile Marvin’s father had died and he had to go with his Aunt Dorothy to live in Minneapolis, but in the time aunt Dorothy was on her way Marvin was accepted by John’s family, and he loved them. When aunt Dorothy finally came, Marvin did not want to go which left aunt Dorothy shocked at how the Johnson’s treated him. She then decided not to take Marvin away for she though it would be better for both families if he stayed. After that, Marvin started crying because he was so happy that he got to stay with the Johnsons. A passage from the book I liked is “Our Mountain, it reminds me of God, so strong and wonderful.” In conclusion, Message of the Mountain is a good book that teaches how to deal with peer pressure and how to confess freely of your sins. I really liked this book, and would recommend it to anyone going through peer

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