Analysis Of Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts On Faith

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How do you allow God to take control of your life and entrust that everything will be okay? This was the type of question author Anne Lamott (2006) baffled with in these next few chapters. Lamott (2006) shares her personal life story of entrusting God in her book Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith. This paper will provide a summary of chapters two thru four, combined with a personal reflection, and conclude with a few desired questions that ideally could be answered by Lamott. To begin, the second portion of the book is broken down to several mini stories within each chapter. In chapter two Lamott shares her thoughts about the time she was trying to teach her son about Ash Wednesday. Her son was not interested, Lamott was angry with him. Later, she came to realize what is more important is that her son learns to trust her. Lamott, continues to explain why she makes her son go to church. Lamott reveals the personal relationship of people within the church but focuses on a woman who secretly always gives her dimes to support her and her son, even though they no longer need it. Lamott understands that her son is cared for by others in the church. In the chapter Traveling Mercies (Lamott, 2006, p. 106) understanding the difference of our timing opposed to God 's timing seems to be the lesson Lamott discusses. Chapter three talks about situations we face that God uses to change our lives. In the same way, chapter four talks about adults handling situations when children

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