Biblical Allegory, And Symbolism O Connor

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Through biblical allusion, religious analogy, and symbolism O 'Connor expresses the need for god and a savior. She writes the perspective of a young child named Harry who lives in a household without religion. The young man is given the mentality and ideology of Christianity and the value of baptism. He grows for a need to belong to something from his small world and gives his life to Christ. The reader is given the perspective of a young child named Harry, a child who doesn’t ignorant god. The mother and father are people who party,without a care they give their child to a baby sister Mrs.Connin. Mrs.Connin is a fundamentalist caretaker with much concern for Harry’s safety in the household that is absent of god. She is sickened by as Harry’s father mockingly remarks god’s name in vain “For Christ sake”. Mrs.Connin takes Harry and begins to interrogate him about his perspective of Jesus. Harry unenlightened of the prophet, he thought Jesus Christ was a curse word, stating in comparison of how his parents used his name, it was similar to the word “Damn”. This symbolizes how the word Jesus is used compared to Christians who are close to god, differentiating to how a real fundamental Christian would (being a religious analogy). …show more content…

She takes Harry to a priest who is a life saver “Bevel”. Bevel is a tool used in carpentry and Jesus himself is a carpenter, we know that Bevel is a tool for god which is a use of biblical allusion. In Harry’s gullible, youthful, curiosity, attaching to the emotional connection to his baby sister and the priest longing for the hope and truth. He is given a youth book for learning the ideology of the religion Christianity. He is taught the holy ceremony of baptism and how it changes the person’s connection with the holy spirit. He has an earnestly hope to be with

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