Langston Hughes Salvation

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Writing about controversial subjects can often be difficult; however Hughes executed his story, Salvation, in an intriguing manner that is suitable to all audiences and religions. In this story, the writer retells an experience from his childhood describing his journey to Jesus Christ. Discussing the complications, the main character, Hughes, faced while trying to come to Jesus is what makes the story interesting to read. On many occasions, you will read a story or watch a movie that shows the main character coming to Jesus and having an immediate and obvious realization of their Savior. For this reason, I found this story to be unique and relatable in the way that it shows a journey that countless Christians face, but you are not often granted the opportunity to read about this type of experience. In Hughes story, Salvation, a young boy is worshipping with his aunt when he is soon escorted to the front of the church and placed on the mourners’ bench with several other children his …show more content…

By not including anything that might be offensive to a reader of a different religion, Hughes expanded his audience to a wide array of readers. Incorporating this religious experience to your own life experiences can be beneficial when relating to similar situations that you might have faced, or will face in the future. This story of a young man realizing that things may not always be as easy as others make it seem, and that at some points in life you must rethink everything you thought you once knew, is an important life lesson to all readers. Forming your own opinion on controversial subjects, such as religion, is something that one must do several times throughout their lives. This reason itself is what makes this story by Hughes interesting and unique in the way that it can relate to so many subjects not regarding

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