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Life is a short four lettered word which blows in the wind and silences everyone at once when it finally ends. What keeps you holding on is your faith; faith that things will get better and they do indeed. Your faith is what keep holding on which ties into your religion; moreover, the God(s) you believe in. Furthermore, everyone has pressured events in life which changes them for the best or worst; moreover, these events change our course of life and ] affect our future. As an example, Langston Hughes, as a child, was pressured to believe something he did not simply believe because he was sought out as a outcast. A outcast for not feeling the spirit enough or seeing Jesus; his spirit not feeding on Jesus and ashamed of himself for not being …show more content…

In his narration story Salvation, he elaborates on his first encounter of Jesus in church when he was twelve.“My aunt came and knelt at my knees and cried, while prayers and songs swirled all around me in the little church...And I kept waiting serenely for Jesus, waiting, waiting, waiting-but he didn’t come.” This quote can represent how Hughes was pressured into “feeling” Jesus and kept waiting on him to come. Then, the pastor asked him why “didn’t he come to Jesus? Jesus was waiting on him” and Hughes felt ashamed of himself. His narration of this story is what helps with understanding his emotions and thoughts. Moreover, he was ashamed and his thoughts surrounded around one question. Why didn't Jesus come for him? Did not Jesus think he was worthy of his presence? Hughes was pressured into accepting Jesus and welcoming Him into his life; however, it was not Hughes that didn't come to Jesus. Finally, Hughes couldn’t take the shame anymore and jumped up “welcoming” Jesus into his heart. In summary, Hughes was pressured into accepting Jesus to wash away all his sins; on the other hand, Jesus didn’t come to Hughes that day in

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