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In The Book of Martha Octavia Butler places the reader in the middle of a conversation with God. There are only two characters in the story, and the theme is Martha’s annoyed tête-à-tête with God. Martha is given the option of saving the world. The rules of this arrangement are Martha can make one change and whatever the results, she must occupy the bottom stair. She must make a decision concerning the entire earth; nevertheless she must first overcome her fears and personal views of God. She forces the reader to consider that circumstances conspires against the world and men, yet God reassures Martha,
“Don’t worry,” God said. “I won’t be sending you back home with another message that people can ignore or twist to suit themselves. It’s too …show more content…

The reader is made to understand that both Martha, God and humans are at an impasse, yet they all agree that a resolution is needed.
Butler use of pathos is an attempt to entreat the reader’s emotion and reaction, by pointing out God’s flaws and his apathy towards humans.
God smiled. “No, I outgrew that trick long ago. You can’t imagine how boring it was.” (Butler191)
This is a risk she takes as a writer concerning the higher power. She infers that in a Utopian world everyone would either be flawed or flawless. If humans are flawed and are made in God’s image and likeness, then God is flawed, an alarming view for religious persons and a comforting analysis for agnostics.
“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Genesis1: 27).
She continues with logic and invites the reader’s perspective of culture, ambitions, race, gender and the future humankind. This use of logos is found in the style and choice of words she uses to sway God’s view of man, by holding him accountable for the suffering of mankind. In addition the author uses ethos by portraying her main character as a successful writer, someone who has the ability to impact and influence others. She establishes Martha’s character with God’s

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