Short Story 'Revelation By Flannery O' Connor

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Short Story "Revelation" by Flannery O 'Connor
1. In my opinion, my attitude toward Mrs. Turpin change during the story. This is because at the beginning of the story, I thinks Mrs. Turpin believes that she is the best out of all of the people in the waiting room by judging them based on their appearances. However, the present of Mary Grace in the room actually like a test to see if Mrs. Turpin will learn about her mistake to think she is the best. In the end, when Mrs. Turpin gets angry at the pigs and starts to hurt them because of the Mary’s comment about her being an "old wart pig from hell" seems to bring to light a reaction to Mrs. Turpin. This reaction drives Mrs. Turpin to realize her mistake about her thought at the beginning of the story. She …show more content…

At first Mrs. Turpin does not understand why Mary Grace, the ugly girl with the acne, keeps on looking at her. She thinks that “the girl might be confusing her with somebody else”. However, at the end of the story, Mrs. Turpin finally realizes that the Mary Grace attacks her because of her arrogance towards other people.
6. Mary Grace 's Human Development book is a psychology textbook that was used in psychology classes. The author of this story use it in this story as an ironic. The author wants to show that Mary Grace, who is suffering from some emotional instability of emotion, is the only one who reacts to the prejudice that been demonstrated by Mrs. Turpin.
7. The background music played on the radio contributes to maintain the theme of the story that God’s grace is for everyone. It contrast with the Mrs. Turpin’s believe that the God’s grace is given by following the class of people.
8. Mrs. Turpin addresses the question, “What do you send me a message like that for” to God. Mrs. Turpin is so angered and bewildered because she thinks the message that she receives from Mary Grace was a message from God. She cannot understand why God would send her a disgusting message although she pious and hardworking

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