The Night Waitress Analysis

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Author – Lynda Hull is the author of the poem “The Night Waitress”. Hull had been developing an impressive career in Literature when she died in a car accident. She was influenced heavily by Hart Crane, she had allegedly memorized his poems, as well as jazz musicians. Hull taught English in many universities and also served as Poetry Editor for a journal. In the "Night Waitress  by Lynda Hull, the narrator has a lot of concern about her life that she expresses by describing her night at work and the people she encounters while she is there at work. She explores feelings about her appearance, her desires, and her loneliness. The speaker daydreams her way through another monotonous working shift, which reflects on her lower-caste and a disgrace to her employment. Hull analyzes the waitress' performance as disheartening which leads to her desire in a relationship and a materialistic world in which she gets delighted. Every day becomes predictable for the night waitress, and every moment in this job, she relates it to her mother.”I'm telling myself my face had character, not beauty. It's my mother's Slavic face. She washed the floor on hands and knees below the Black …show more content…

Her inner self craves for freedom to drive past and achieve something. She envisions her song as a luxurious Cadillac, where she now wants a materialistic world. She is in her imaginary world until the heat of the urn in her hand bring back her to reality, where she starts comparing to her real life, hallow and vapid. She attempts to find comfort in her room, as she says “coffee cruises my mind visiting the most remote way stations, I think of my room as a calm arrival each book and lamp in its place.” She starts to reflect her possessions and the security they give her and what they represent in her life. Her room is where she seeks calmness, the lamp, and books which allow her to escape to a different imaginary

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