Cocktail Hour: A Narrative Analysis

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These days have been hard on me, Chicago's weather is horrible =(

I'll be very happy to write a review of everything. There were few set backs, primary at the cocktail hour.

Cocktail Hour

1. The officiator: Mike and I are disappointed with her. Her reading was bad, her throat was a mess, and then she translated every 3 or 4 words which make it kind long and just bad.

2. The bartenders: they must have stopped people from drinking so early. I know guest walked in at 330pm and started drinking right away (drinking time was supposed to begin at 430pm or after the vows were done), there were cans of beer everywhere (which I hope they don't show on the pictures), and while we were doing our vows I saw people on the back asking for beer, I …show more content…

You or your daughter weren't there, so I freaked out; however, It turned out well because my guest got an extra hour of drinks that I didn't have to pay for, uffff!

Decoration: was beautiful, just how I wanted it.

Food: besides the risotto that was bad, everything else was yummy.

Cake: amazing!

Waiters/bartender: I love that we have so many, they were super friendly and funny to us and my guest loved them. I was well taking care off =)

The music: Zach did a great job, he played most of the songs we gave him. Also, he got to know our crew and what they like, so he managed to keep us dancing all night.

I know that all the above was primary on you. You listened to my ideas, read my emails, made comments and came up with ideas, you suggested vendors etc. Definitely, you made my day very special, and Mike and I appreciate your help a lot. We are very satisfied with your services, and believe me when I say you have a home in Chicago.

I'll be more than happy to write a more formulated review on your webpage about your services and all the happiness of the wedding and activities, the above is mostly commenting on the vendors. Please let me know.

I hope to see you again,
Adriana Sronce

Ps: the catamaran tour was a

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