Poem Analysis: Silent Treatment

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Treatment This poem, “Silent Treatment”, is all about the apathy that individuals possess when dealing with the urban poor or suffering in general and I like it because it successfully managed to convey the theme without many mistakes. Although there are mistakes they do not really take the reader away from the mood, tone and setting created by the poem. I will be going into what, for me, makes the poem good, as well as the mistakes that I noticed and lastly the overall effect it had on me. First off is the consistency of the imagery and the figures of speech. The poet does a very good job of creating tension by juxtaposing symbols of wealth, urbanization and the world with the issue of poverty. By showing the small sounds and details present in the world of the poem the reader is shown that whoever is speaking really pays attention to those aspects of the setting and not the quiet suffering. However, there is one line that I find odd and this is the fourth one which is, “Outside, the night exchanges words.” It is odd because although I get what the poet was trying to do, I believe that it creates an unrealistic image. Because for one, a conversation involves two people but in the poem it seems like the night is exchanging words with something not mentioned. Secondly, I understand that the persona is trying to point out the sounds and details of the setting but then I do not think that the “night” can make sounds on its own Second is the word choice and grammar. The poet
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