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Samantha Skylander. In the Skylander household there are seventeen people living in her home. Her Mother, Father, six Brothers, six Sisters and both her mother and fathers parents. Samantha is the youngest daughter seven and the third youngest out of all the children. Her mother was a tailor for the village she lived in, her father a hunter for different things. Such as food, pets, mounts etc. Both of the grandfathers were council members of the village making them one of the great leaders. Both of them though had different views making it hard for them to agree on anything at work or at home. Her grandmother on her mom's side was a nurse for the village tending to the wounded and to my other grandmother on her father side because she was mentally …show more content…

Only taking what she had packed and her bird, she traveled to several islands for five years. Each island being different either abandoned by previous settlements, some of them abandon because everyone was dead. Other islands full of creatures that would kill you at anytime and any moment. Then there were some that couldn't live on because of how the land was. No one could create a farm to make food, couldn't hunt anything because nothing was capable of keeping anything alive. When she left her home she was fifteen years old, now she has become a young adult of a twenty year old. Where she has found a new island full of people and life from all over the world. Full of opportunities that she can look forward too. She can be anything she wanted, do whatever she pleased, whatever she dreamed without anyone tell her she can't do it. She will try to survive the conditions of this world while trying to reach her dream job which was being a musician and artist. She wanted to do this when she was younger but her father would no allow any of this because it was a useless lazy trait. Now she has her chance to prove that he was wrong. That she can have a family that she doesn't need to be blood related, or have to have the same ideals. She can finally be

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