Pattyn Von Stratten Analysis

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Pattyn Von Stratten Burned, written by Ellen Hopkins, describes the hardships that Pattyn Von Stratten is faced. Pattyn is the oldest of nine children with the help of her sister Jackie; they help raise their siblings. Pattyn 's mom was a very depressed mom who did not take to her children, and her dad took to Johnnie Walker and wrongdoing on his wife and two oldest children. Being raised mormon has questioned her faith due to the abuse and neglect of her parents. While she is questioning her faith, she gets in some trouble and gets shipped off to her Aunt 's house in Nevada where she finds the love of her life. With her living in Nevada, she finds the strength to believe in herself, and she finally feels like she is at home. "Concrete…show more content…
As a result to all of her pain, Pattyn began to act out and put herself into situations that were against her parents and the churches wishes. "Home" performed by Three Days Grace (Songwriters: Adam Wade Gontier) (Link to Lyrics) "Home" is a very expressive rock song that emphasise the need to leave the house he is in. The lead singer talks about how he tries to satisfy and be their for his significant other, but that doesn 't stop them from being disrespectful and rude. The beat of this song helps to show readers the frustration Pattyn had toward her father. The harsh tempo helps demonstrate how rebellious Pattyn is feeling and how fed up she is with being ignored and abused. When Pattyn is at her place of residence, she feels very alone unless she talks to her sister Jackie. No child should ever feel like they are unwanted, and their home is not a home. Thankfully her dad came to his senses and sent Pattyn to live with his sister. "I Melt" performed by Rascall Flatts (Songwriters: Joe Neil Thrasher, Jr.) (Link to…show more content…
He is very passionate about his wife and gets butterflies in his stomach because he loves her so much. When the band is playing this song you year the love and the softness in their voices and it helps show how love should really be. I chose this song to relate to Pattyn because when she was in Nevada at her aunts she found the love of her life named Ethan. They spent every moment they could with each other and that made Pattyn feel loved, which she had not felt in a long period. Every free moment they had they spent it together which helped Pattyn realize she is a person, and she deserves to be treated as one. Ethan was everything Pattyn needed because he showed her how a man was supposed to treat a lady and how real men do not put their fingers on women. Ethan also made Pattyn feel like she was the prettiest girl in the world, and no one has ever made her feel that way, not even her parents. "There Goes My Life" performed by Kenny Chesney (Songwriters: Wendell Mobley and Neil Thrasher) (Link to Lyrics) "There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney is a very heartbreaking song about a young man who just found out that his significant other is having a child and how his life is over. When the song is being played, you can hear the emotion and the disappointment that is being displayed in his voice. The lyrics below specifically relate to Pattyn: All he
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