Life As We Knew It By Susan Pfeffer: Theme Analysis

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Have you ever had trouble finding faith in a difficult situation? In the book " Life as We Knew It" by Susan Pfeffer, the author portrays many different themes throughout the book. In the book, the theme is to always have faith and hope even in the hardest of times. One way the author portrays the theme in the reoccurrence of unfortunate events. Throughout the story, Miranda, the main character, is having trouble finding hope in the troubling times that not only her but everyone is going through. The world is supposedly coming to an end due to the moon becoming extremely close to the Earth, but no one knows for sure when (or if) it will happen. Not only that but she's also having trouble with family, her parents are divorced and her older brother, Matt, is away at …show more content…

The book starts with Miranda writing about her stepmother, " Lisa is pregnant"(Pfeffer 1). . Throughout the story, they lose phone connection and can't get in contact with her stepmom and start to worry and lose hope, until one day they finally hear from her that everything is fine with her and her family. Not only does her stepmothers pregnancy play a role in them keeping faith at the beginning of the story, but also as many troubling events occur. The last way is through a change in the main character. At the beginning of the story Miranda is very pessimistic about the events taking place in her life, But at the end that changes. She says, " We can only hope..."(Pfeffer 336). This shows a complete opposite side of her character that she was in the beginning of the story, where she went from not having much hope, to having that and that only. Overall, an author can have many ways of expressing different themes. In the book " Life as We Knew It," the author portrays theme through drama, changes in character, and unfortunate events. In the end, the theme is to always have hope even in the hardest of

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