Summary Of The Poem 'Terrible Things' By Eve Bunting

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A theme is a moral that the reader can take away from the story to use in their everyday life. The allegory, “Terrible Things” by Eve Bunting, the poem, “ First They Came for the Communists” by Martin Niemöller, and the memoir, Night by Elie Wiesel all share one common theme. In the 1900’s during the holocaust, many Jews and anyone who was part of the aryan race (blonde hair blue eyes) were taken away by Nazis led by Adolf Hitler. They were taken to concentration camps many children, the elder, and babies were exterminated once they got there because the Nazis felt there was no use to them. The jews that were needed went and got their heads shaven and marked with a tattoo of numbers that were used to identify them. After being processed…show more content…
One day when the foreign Jews were taken away Moshe the beadle, Elie's teacher, was also take away. When he came back he was in distressed and told the town about how the Nazis were exterminating Jews. No one believed him and thought he was just imagining it until one fateful day when the Nazis came and took the jews to a ghetto along with elie and his family. While there they were starved and most of their rights were taken away. The day before Ellie’s family was scheduled to be taken to the concentration camp a maid offered to help them, but sadly Ellie’s dad refused. When the got to the concentration camp Ellie’s mom and sister were taken away from there on it was Elie and his dad until his dad died from sickness. On May 8th Ellie was finally liberated and the holocaust was over. For example, the theme is revealed in chapter one when it states, “ He spoke only of what he had seen. But people not only refused to believe his tales, they refused to listen. Some even insinuated that he only wanted their pity, that he was imagining things. Others flatly said that he had gone mad”(Wiesel, 186). This text shows how Moshe the beadle tried to warn everyone but no one listened. This shows how if they would have listened to Moshe and stood together there may have…show more content…
All of the creatures asked for help but since they didn’t fit the description they just kept to themselves. While all this is going on Little rabbit is asking her mother why the terrible things are taking the creatures, but her mom just responds don’t worry about it and don’t question it so she doesn’t get in trouble. It went on like that until the bad things came for Little rabbit and her mother Little rabbits decide to hide and watch all the rabbits ask for help only to see there is no one else left to help. When everyone is gone Little rabbit realizes the theme when she states, “I should have tried to help the other rabbits," he thought. "If only we creatures had stuck together, it could have been different” (Bunting, 3). This text shows how if all of the creatures would've stood up against the discrimination and worked together they could have prevented the terrible things from coming get
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