The Mountain Legend By Jordan Wheeler: Character Analysis

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The quote "Little as he knew though, he wanted Ralph and Berry to think he knew a lot."-Page 512, from the story The Mountain Legend by Jordan Wheeler. I think it would be a call to attention because it's foreshadowing that Jason will climb the intimidating mountain. After all, he wants to impress Ralph and Barry. Another call to attention is that it is suspense because it makes the reader want to read more and think about whether will Jason climb the mountain, whether he'll survive, whether he'll listen to Ralph and Barry, and whether he'll be influenced. This could also be a person vs self and person vs person which is in the category of a call to attention. Jason has self-doubt because he came from the city and doesn't know much about his …show more content…

Ralph is pressuring him/daring him to do it. Ralph and Barry are racist toward's Jason. This could also be a reader's response because it makes me wonder if Jason will listen to all the things Ralph and Barry said. This is significant to the overall text because it connects to the whole story and the main character Jason who's a protagonist. It involves if he will/did climb the mountain and what will happen if he does. Will he prove to society he's a warrior, Indian, and truly indigenous? Character traits it establishes are that Jason can be easily influenced and is a people pleaser. If someone tells him that he has to prove to them that he is Indian and only after that he'll be Indian it means he doesn't have any confidence in himself. Even though he does not want to climb the mountain, he'll do it because Ralph dared him to not because he wants to. Muskawashee is a boy who died in the process of climbing the mountain. His spirit is still wandering at the top of the mountain. Muskawashee did it because he genuinely wanted to do it. He was stubborn about it, unlike Jason who only did it because he was

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