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Nicholas Kuehn Mrs. Shiffer Language Arts 8 16 February 2022 After trying to avenge his brother Will ends up dying and seeing his dead relatives. In the novel Long Way Down the main character Will's brother is shot and killed. Will goes to seek revenge for him, he thinks A guy named Riggs killed Shawn. As he’s on the elevator to leave his apartment he sees many of his dead relatives. Will is dead because he is seeing dead people and at the end he went to get out of the elevator to go to the afterlife. Will is dead because he’s seeing all of his dead relatives at one time in the same place. At this moment in the novel, Will has just got to floor seven and a man got on. Will thinks he recognizes this man from somewhere and it ends up being his dead Uncle Buck. “My stomach jumped into my chest or my chest fell into my stomach. Or both. I knew him. Buck? I stumbled backward. Couldn’t be. Couldn’t be“ (Reynolds 80). This passage observes how weirded out and shocked Will is to see one of his dead relatives. At this point in the book the elevator has come to a stop at floor 5 and another one of his dead relatives enters. “Uncle Mark? I let my hand fall to my side, swallowed hard. Am I going insane?“ (Reynolds 160). This passage demonstrates how Will thinks he’s going crazy because he’s seeing his dead relatives. All of this evidence declares Will is dead, because he is seeing dead relatives. …show more content…

At this point in the book Will's elevator has gone to the lobby and Shawn asks him this. “You Coming?” (Reynolds 306). This evidence compliments how Shawn invites Will to death. At this point in the book Will had just gotten home after Shawn died. He was very sad and was in his room. “My mother, stumbling to the bathroom, her sobs leading the way” (Reynolds 60).This textual evidence infers that Will died when he went to bed.All of these reasons adds to why Will is

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