John Gotti: The Case Of Mr. Michael Galico

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He stated, “When I arrived at the scene I noticed that patrons were quickly leaving the restaurant. Once inside I could see that they were clearly shaken. As I scanned the room I noticed a body lying on the floor near the back.” McCormick later states that he was “unable to revive the victim. He had no pulse and had already lost a substantial amount of blood.” I call to the stand my final witness Mr. Michael Galico who will be able to testify about details of the crime scene to better help you understand the facts of the matter. Mr. Michael Galico works in the forensics lab of the Staten Island Police Department. Mr. Galico was able to recover the bullet used in the homicide, determine the direction the bullet was traveling from, he found …show more content…

He aspired to be a regular Joe with his business aspirations. He wanted to be done with the criminal life. He wanted to be done with the constant in-and-out of jail routine. My client aspired to become a nightclub owner. He wanted to be able to provide for his family the American way and do away with the life of crime that he was so used to. John Gotti John Gotti is notorious for his associations with the Gambino crime family. On March 28, 1985, Gotti was indicted along with 10 other members of the Gambino crime family. During that time Gotti was listed as the captain of his own crew with the crime family’s vast number of street crews. In order to get to know Mr. Gotti better I did a bit of research into his life. I wanted to know the kind of person he was before and after the murder of my client. I wanted to know a little history on what John Gotti has done to help illustrate, to the members of the jury, that Mr. Gotti is fully capable of committing murder and more. When he was only 16 years old, John Gotti had dropped out of high school and became a member of the street gang the Fulton-Rockaway Boys. By age 17 he had already been arrested for disorderly conduct- which was later dismissed. Arrest one was just the “christening” of mob life. Just like the scene from Goodfellas where a young Henry Hill gets pinched for the first

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