Alphonse Gabriel Al Capone's 'Chicago Outfit'

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Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 17, 1899. Growing up he became a member of the Five Points Gang where his positon was a bouncer at a brothel. Capone shortly moved to Chicago and became a right-hand man for Johnny Torrio. Torrio ran a big bootlegging operation that supplied alcohol to a vast majority of places in the North. Johnny Torrio soon retired and Capone took over his operation. Capone expanded the business greatly but also introduced his own violent side into the swing of things. Respect was a very important thing to Capone. He did not take being disrespected kindly and would often retaliate with violence. Capone had a large hunger for attention and would satisfy his hunger by making large donations to various charities and other organizations. The “Chicago Outfit” was later founded in 1912 and run by Al …show more content…

George “Bugs” Moran had crossed Al Capone for the last time. The North Side Gang was using a store called the S-M-C Cartage Company as a front for their headquarters. They used this warehouse for all of their illegal activities such as running beer trucks, paying off officials, laundering money and plotting other business decisions. Capone wants to take out George “Bugs” Moran and as many of the North Side Gang members as possible. The plan was to get George “Bugs” Moran and other gang members inside of the warehouse and do a hit to take them all out. Three weeks before the hit is supposed to go down, members from the Chicago Outfit rent rooms in the hotel across the street from the warehouse. The gang members claim to be cab drivers that work at night and sleep during the day so they will not be disturbed or arouse any suspicion. The lookouts take detailed notes every day so Capone can figure out the best time to hit the warehouse. He does not want any innocent bystanders to get caught in the

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