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Al Capone Organized crime had really spurred and increased exponentially during the 1920s due to the unrealistic laws laid down at the time. Gangs were usually the perpetrators and organizers of these committed crimes. Al Capone was in the mix of these gangs and was very notorious for his savage personality. Al Capone was a radical man who led a pretty interesting life, committing many crimes for which he was never held accounted. Al Capone comes from an extremely poor family, who were from Angri, a small town in the Province of Salerno. They moved to Brooklyn, New York in search of a better and more stable life in great America. Capone was born and raised in Brooklyn and was deeply influenced by the crime life displayed in his daily life. Capone was initially a pretty intelligent kid who did fairly well in school, but soon gave into the influence around him and dropped out in grade 6. After dropping out, Capone commenced his life of crime and violence and joined his first ever gang, the James Street Boys Gang (Al). The “James Street Boys Gang” was one of many criminal organizations in which Al Capone was involved, but it was important because it was the start of his career. The James Street Boys did not commit any serious or life taking crimes but the gang did ignite the big man’s desire to become the ferocious crime boss he is remembered to be today. Capone started out selling illegal moonshine while all alcohol was prohibited in the U.S. During this phase he met Johnny

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